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Our Vision on Health, Safety & Enivronment

Here at Seinmar, we always thrive for providing the best quality service to our clients. We achieve our goals, taking QHSE into serious consideration. We do not comprimise on our HSE standarts, imporving them continuesly to create safer work emvironment for everyone - ourselves, our clients, contractors and visitors. 

When it comes to environemt we believe in making this world greener and safer for generations to come. Sienmar is absolutely a green company, and we do our best to minimizes paper usage and maximize recycling when possible. 

We are proud to be able to say that, we have absolutely zero recorded accindents, injuries & damages. Thus we continue this tradition of accident free environment in any job we put our hands  on.

To see our HSE policy, please click on the link on right side of this page.